From: [name removed]
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 11:29 PM
Subject: Gel and [name removed]
Hey Michelle, Darn, I cant believe you sold that nice gal Midge. Hope ya got a decent price for her, at least what ya had in her. Hows the pup? Havent got a lot of time for small talk just right now, but just wanted to touch bases with you about using Gel for stud on [name removed]. Looking at her age, (she'll  be 8 this summer) Ive decided to go ahead and breed her one last time earlier than we had dicussed (she should be in season around April) and maybe if Im not so stupid, I can accually keep a female out of her this time as I never have, and always wanted to, but all the girls seem to go so fast.  Then Im going to spay her after pups. Ive decided she is just to slow anymore to do any trialing, great worker, lots of heart, no quit in her, but she lacks speed, ( getting old and chubby, and outta shape, not much stamina any more) Gotta watch letting her work to long, or she'd kill herself.  Ive got [name removed] and [name removed] that are pretty young and speedy, and coming along nicely at this point. Thats enough for me. [name removed] will be happy just running sheep around the home place, she never liked trialing anyway. At any rate, just wanted to let you know, that thats about the time she'll be needing to visit with Gel, and wanted to make sure you were going to be around and not out of town or anything about that time, and to see if you had any thoughts about how youd like for them to meet when the time comes. Generally, I bring her to the stud, but if you'd like to make different arrangments, let me know. So, give me a heads up if time wise that'll work out for ya, she is pretty predictable on her heats, so end of March, early April is what Ive calculated for her. Talk to ya later, [name removed]

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