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A broad face and short jaw. Result: a more powerful bite than long jaws (the difference between bolt cutters and needle-nosed pliers).

Retractable claws that whip out like a switchblade when needed but stay sheathed to prevent wear when not.

A keen sense of sight, their most critical sense, and night vision six times as sensitive as ours. Large, close-set eyes allow binocular vision, important in judging distances and picking out prey from a background.

Large back teeth called carnassials that slice like shears. Cats are carnivores. They live on meat.

Nature's Masterwork - Cats
National Geographic, June 1997

It's mealtime, what are you going to feed your cat, an obligate carnivore, today? From a bag of dry food?

Dry food is about as close to meat as potato chips are to potatos. I am thoroughly convinced that the increased number of cats (and dogs) dying these days of cancer, kidney and liver disease, etc. is due to the poor commercial food fed to them. I'd hate to think of the numbers of human deaths there would be if we ate similar food. It is shameful that veterinarians recommend these foods to their clients.

What's really in commercial pet food?

"The meat products contained in many commercial pet foods are nothing like what we consider meat. A common source of meat for pet foods is "4-D" meats—dead, dying, diseased, and disabled animals. The manufacturers "sterilize" this meat to make it safe for animal consumption (Are you hungry yet?). Slaughterhouse animals that were rejected for human use due to high antibiotic levels also make their way into pet foods. The American Journal of Cardiology has warned that children allergic to penicillin could die from accidentally eating pet food!"

See The Garbage that Goes into Pet Food and Polluted Pet Foods for an eye opening description of what's really in pet food.

If you are going to feed a commercial pet food, and I really don't recommend any brand of commercial food now, look for a premium natural food such as Pet Guard, Nature's Recipe or Wysong.

If you don't have time to prepare cat food or can't find the ingredients, check out Feline Future's Instincts TC, a dry food supplement for preparing a raw diet. Everything's done for you. All you need to do is add water and meat.

"Cats don't cook their food in the wild, you shouldn't do it for them."



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