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Understanding the Roots of Disease


"The disease is coming from the cat. And each subsequent incarnation that is necessitated by vaccination, by taking away a natural form, is more serious.

"It wasn’t until I began thinking of feline leukemia as a miasmatic situation that I started to be able to treat it successfully. It helped me understand the depth of the disease when I’d treat a cat and he would get better and then a couple of years later there’d be another crisis. And the point was to address the miasmatic chronic disease and eventually the susceptibility decreased.

"You’re not treating the symptoms here, you’re treating the cat. Often the symptoms don’t help you too much. You’re looking for the pattern over the lifetime of the cat, so the medical history becomes important. Often the minor symptoms which appeared earlier were part of the same chronic disease.

"You look for a remedy that fits the cat. Understanding that the condition is miasmatic helps you in terms of knowing that you’re not going to achieve a cure in a month. Another crisis will occur and possibly a different remedy will be required. What’s important is that after each crisis the cat is healthier than he was before. It’s a layer by layer process."


How does knowledge of miasmatic disease help us as guardians of cats?

First, of course, we want to avoid anything that suppresses symptoms, the disease stimulus merely seeks another opening to enter, another door of susceptibility. While a scratching cat can make us uncomfortable, disease at skin level is preferable to disease at the level of vital organs. By understanding that suppressive medicine drives the miasmatic condition inwards, we can choose therapies that avoid this deadly direction.

Conventional drugs, herbs, acupuncture, and even homeopathy can be used suppressively, so it is important that we look for signs that the therapy we choose brings overall progress and not merely palliation or suppression. If the same or similar complaints keep reappearing, we know that we haven’t addressed the underlying cause of the miasmatic disease.

Second, we want therapies that act on the deepest possible level. Miasmatic theory tells us that disease is a deeply energetic process and it is only on the energetic level that we can achieve true cure.

Understanding the presence of miasms helps us see that apparently different disease forms arise from the same place. Conventional medical theory does not offer or even hint at any kind of unifying order to the apparently random assault of viruses and bacteria. For this reason alone the complex study of miasms deserves careful attention.

-L. Granfield

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