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Charya 2004 Brown Tabby Male

In early 2005, I spayed and neutered all of my purebred cats. It became too difficult to find good homes for my kittens and my dogs demand a lot of time, which I enjoy giving them. To read more about my dogs, visit their Blog.

In June, 2006, I rescued ten kittens and one adult cat from certain death. There is a flea market about 15 miles from me where people bring their "free" kittens. If they do not find homes for these kittens, they often just let them go at the flea market. Many of these kittens are too young to be away from their mothers, never mind to survive on their own in such a difficult environment. Not all of the kittens who are "adopted" from this flea market are brought home to viable homes, many go as Pit Bull bait as that flea market is full of people selling Pit Bulls.

I placed all but six of the kittens. The ones I've kept have been a never ending delight. They are vibrantly healthy and have lovely personalities. They are "real" cats!

I occasionally have kittens from similar situations that I foster and place. I am maintaining the same standards for placing these kittens as I did with my purebred kittens; namely, that they go to raw-feeding, minimally or non-vaccinating homes. Right now I am fostering two male kittens, a red (maybe cameo) tabby and a solid black. They came from a colony that a neighbor of mine feeds. They are multi-generation nonvaccinated and while the neighbor gives them kibble, they are also hunting. The kittens that I have are being fed raw.

After seeing what I've seen at this flea market and quite frankly, all around me, I can't ever in good conscience breed another litter of cats or even dogs.

If you are interested in adopting one of the kittens that I foster, please contact me. I will ship to holistic homes.

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