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Meet the Cats. See pictures of my feline companions and a brief description of each.

Kittens. What kittens are available, when they are due my contract and care instructions.

American Shorthair breed description and a picture of the best American Shorthair in the country.

Natural Diet -

Why I feed a natural diet and the benefits of a natural diet

What I feed and tips on preparing a natural diet

What's in commercial pet food - you probably don't want to know!

My history of feeding a raw diet

Part I, the Food
Part II, Homeopathy

Pottenger's Cats - The Ultimate Feed Trial.

Nature's Toothbrush - how to keep your cats' teeth clean naturally by Michelle Bernard

Free Feeding, Not a Good Idea by Michelle T. Bernard

Homeopathy what it is and reasons I use it.


Why I vaccinate minimally

Homeopathy and Vaccination by Chris Kurz, Ph.D

Fun with Vaccines by Walter Ulrich

The Interrelationship of Vaccinations by Larry A. Bernstein, V.M.D.

Vaccination Information by Charles E. Loops, DVM

New Vaccination Guidelines suggested by the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the Academy of Feline Medicine1


Feline Miasms by Jeffrey Levy, DVM

The Dangers of Medical Myopia by William F. Falconer, D.V.M

Veterinary Homeopathy, Before the Remedy, Obstacles to cure in Veterinary Medicine by Michele Yasson, DVM

Max in Heaven's Hands by Cecie McCaffery and Luke Granfield -- this one makes me cry everything I read it.

Cats and Homeopathy - a Marriage Made and Heaven - why homeopathy works so well for cats.

Laws of Cure - Dr. Pitcairn, D.M.V., Ph.D., dispels the myth that homeopathy is safe no matter how many remedies you take.

Running a Holistic Cattery - an article I wrote which was published in The American Connection, Newsletter of the National American Shorthair Club on October 1, 1998.

What the Heck is Homeopathy? Part One.

What the Heck is Homeopathy? Part Two.


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