Writing …

I’m currently taking a class at UNC-Greensboro entitled, “Telling Stories: the Memoir” and it made me realize how long it’s been since I last wrote here. I just checked – March 19! That’s horrific! What good is a dead and dusty journal?

Who Cares?

As is often the case on Sunday nights, I slept badly. I woke up thinking about all I was going to get done today, all I had to get done today and of course, worrying about the future. I’m milking four goats

Delving back into rabbits

I cut down on my rabbits way too much recently and discovered there aren’t many good breeders of Silver Fox in my area anymore. There’s some “breeding” Silver Fox but I put “breeding” in quotes because they aren’t taking care to breed

Editing Film

Between working, taking final exams, taking care of animals, myself and Wally (not necessarily in that order), I’ve been trying to finish up the five minute documentary I’ve been working on since September. While I took a video class while at CVCC,

Modern Slavery

I’ve seen first hand the issues people have with the Confederate flag being flown here in the south. In fact, just this morning on the local news, they reported on a “huge” Confederate flag being flown in Hickory and how people are