Recovery Mode

It was a crazy busy, exhausting weekend and today I’m in recovery mode. I turned in my final project – which is the post above this one. Now I start a new class on Wednesday.   I took this picture while at

Boggs Farm Center

  In the not so distance past, by the beginning of October, fields of cotton would be morphing into puffy white bolls in fields across Cleveland and the surrounding counties. Once the cotton was harvested, it would be transported to one of

Now what?

My newly designed photography page, is now pretty well done. I want to tweak some of the images and will continue to add new ones as I take them – there’s quite a few up there that I don’t like a whole

Oh the ties that bind us

While looking through Facebook this morning, I came across a relatively new Facebook page for the Henry River Mill Village. This village, located in Hildebrand, was the scene for the first Hunger Games movie. I went there the first time with a


I could go to the building where the cotton gin is every day of the week and find something new to photograph. The gin is a piece of history that will, one day, be gone forever so the more I can document