Dairy Animals

Often as I’m out in the milk room by myself (at least with no other human company) I wonder why it was that I’ve become so connected to dairy animals. It started in 2008 when I had the strong feeling that I

So happy with our changes

I wrote last (I think) that we made major changes in the farm. We switched from Saanen and Alpine dairy goats to Oberhasli. It was a good move. They aren’t giving as much milk as the other breeds did but getting the


Last year we had the driveway scraped and more asphalt put down. It has done well until we had the past couple of days of storms. That goes to show how long it’s been since we’ve had a “gully washer” type of

Missing Gel

I think I may just be overtired or something but on Sunday Wally and I ran into someone who brought memories of Gel flooding back. I’ve passed by his grave on several occasions over the past couple of days and his loss