Baby Wolves

This morning while I was getting ready for work, the puppies who are now out of the kiddy pool completely, were wrestling together and making all sorts of vocalizations, including little howls. I came over to them and started to howl myself

Natural Rearing Breeders

Okay, I’ve had enough of this. There is a Border Collie breeder who advertises herself as being a Natural Rearing (“NR”) Breeder. At one time I very much respected this person. I thought she knew her stuff and was breeding nice dogs.

Dirty Puppies

The puppies did fine their first day loose in the run with their mother. They were pretty dirty though! A friend of mine told me that the two Border Collies she purchased as puppies had never been otuside before she got them.

Lunar Eclipse

Got up early this morning so I could view the lunar eclipse. Took the dogs (and Ted the cat) down into the back fields for a walk while I was watching the moon. It was beautiful! Well worth getting up early for.

DNA Testing

Took Gel in this morning to have blood drawn for a DNA test. I need to make sure he’s really a dog and I’m sure a DNA test will give me the answer I need. This dog has no fear of the

Web Site Crashes

All of my web sites went down on Tuesday night. I received no mail sent to me I expect some people thought I took my web sites down and went to hide under a rock. Nope, not this time. We’re still

Bringing up Puppies

While reading through the archives of the Clean Run mailing list at Yahoo Groups, I came across a message from a veterinarian who resides in North Carolina. She posted a link to her puppy log which I found quite interesting. Even more

Feeding Raw Meat is Dangerous!

Ha! I just figured out where I went wrong with Midge. According to Victorian British dog expert Francis Clater, fresh meat brought out the worst in unspayed females. When the animals were in heat their primal passions could be inflamed by a


Okay, no photos, sorry. I really do have puppies! The weather (hot and we are suffering from an extreme drought) is killing me. I tend to be quite sensitive to extremes in weather. On Saturday, Gel got to prove what a truly