Puppy Aptitude Tests

Even though I had to drive three hours one way to take the puppies to have their puppy aptitude tests conducted, it was well worth the time. It was fascinating to the puppies’ reactions to a new person in a very scary

Back in the saddle.

I spent a good part of August and the beginning of September worrying about whether the lady from Canada was going to (1) take a puppy and (2) transport the other one or two puppies (it was up in the air whether

A Walk on the Wild Side

On my way home last night I stopped and picked up venison and caribou scraps from the local processor. I hadn’t fed caribou before and was excited to do so. It was a big hit as was the meaty venison rib cage

Six Weeks Old Today!

It’s hard to believe that three puppies will be going to their new homes next Tuesday. I don’t know what I’ll do with all the extra free time! Poor Gel and Midge are getting very little work these days because the puppies