Tuesday has been dubbed “Toesday” so that I can remember to do the dogs’ nails once a week. I hate clipping them with regular nail clippers because I’m afraid of hitting the quick so I use a Dremmel and grind them down.

Training Fern

Training sessions with Fern are going extremely well. She’s extremely quick to learn new behaviors. Last night we played the “cheese ball game” and it was as if she’d been doing it her whole life. The “cheese ball game” is intended to


On Saturday I drove to Salisbury for classes. The first class starts at 2:00 and is the puppy/beginner agility class. I took this class last week with Midge, but decided to switch her out with Fern and then at home, practice on

Waiting List

How cool is this: I now have two people on a waiting list for a puppy should I breed again! I’m pleased, but I told both individuals, if I repeat this breeding, it won’t be until the puppies are at least two

Poor Cats!

Inferno (Fern) loves them. Unlike most puppies, she doesn’t try to chase them just because they run (prey drive), nor does she try to herd them, instead, she runs them down to kiss their faces. I’ve been watching her closely to see

Raw Feeding Club

Heatwave (now Monty) went to a lawyer that I work with (Charlie) and his family. I convinced them to feed raw by asking them to sniff Gel and Midge’s breath. No awful dog odor. I was surprised at how easy it was


There is a good chance for rain in the forecast for the next five days. That’s wonderful news (except is it going to curtail my painting project). The puppies are eleven weeks old today and I think they may have seen rain


We had another very busy weekend. Saturday morning was spent at Lowe’s buying materials for my A-frame, table and teeter and then constructing the A-frame and table. Left home at around noon, heading to Statesville to pick up 60 pounds of frozen

Quick Update

Work is now busy so I don’t have much free time to write. Went to class last night. Gel ran wonderfully! All of a sudden, his weave pole performance has gone from mediocre to phenomenal. Yes, he still sometimes misses entrances and

Spooky Walk

Monday morning I was out walking the dogs in the dark. I have a head lamp that I use to see enough to be able to walk in the dark. I keep track of the dogs by turning my head, shining the