Too much drive?

The editorial in the December, 2007 issue of Clean Run brings up the subject of the amount of drive that is necessary in a performance dog. The writer (Lori Westling) writes: “I have also noticed that there are dogs that are so


Last night I thought to myself, where would I be now if Midge did not get pregnant. The weekend she got bred, a woman who was running a Patrick Shannahan clinic in Georgia had come up for a trial and stayed with


After a lot of consideration, I have decided to offer Midge for sale to someone who is active in USBCHA-style herding. That’s what I bought her for. The accidential breeding pushed me back into agility and now that I’m there, I realize

First USDAA Trial

What a rush! I had so much fun at my first USDAA trial. Gel had a ball as well. We ran five times on Saturday. The first class was Gamblers and we qualified. The second class was Standard and we qualified. The

Increasing energy and stamina

There was a recent discussion on the Kensmuir stockdog list on increasing fat in a dog’s diet to enable the dog to withstand the colder temperatures. One poster indicated that she added fat from pasture-fed cattle (a good thing) or bacon fat

New Title

Gel finished his Novice Standard title this weekend at the Monroe Kennel Club show in Concord, NC. He would have finished his Novice Jumpers title if I had not run him like an idiot on Saturday. This was the first time I

Must start running!

Went to agility class last night. There were only two of us (the woman with the Laekenois and me) so the class moved quickly and we got lots of training time in. The instructor set a primarily jumpers with weaves course, with

Still here!

Work got busy so I don’t have as much free time during the day to write. I’m glad we are busy again, I hate it when it’s slow. I even had to work over the weekend, which is a good thing because


This morning I was out walking with Fern just as it was getting light. There was a light frost on the grass so with the low light, most of the landscape was light grey in color. Some of the bushes out in