Sheep in the fog

There was thick, freezing fog blanketing the back fields when I took the dogs for a walk this morning. It was so pretty that when I came back, I went inside, grabbed my camera, got the sheep out and took these photos.


Does anyone ever keep them? I’ve thought of a couple: one, keep my “yard” neat and clean (looking at the videos I took of Gel weaving made me realize it looks like trailer trash lives there); two, train my dogs every day,

Lost Sheep

In the afternoon on Christmas Eve I came home from running a few errands and put the sheep (lambs really, they are all sheep less than a year old) out into the back pasture that I rent. The pasture is not fenced,

Photos and Videos

Okay, I took a few decent photos, mostly of Fern as she was much more cooperative about photo-taking than Monty. I intended to take more, but we spent the afternoon fishing sheep out of the woods. More on that later. Prior to

Tazz (formerly Scorch)

I heard from the woman who has Tazz (formerly Scorch). She said Tazz is almost finished her first obedience course and has been excellent. She is holding off on starting her official agility lessons until the spring but she has been doing

I Am Legend.

Rarely will I go to see a movie in a theater, preferring to wait for it to come out on videotape. On Sunday, I went to see I Am Legend starring Will Smith. This article which I received on Friday caught my

Close minded as a pack of clams.

Rarely do I post on Sheepdog-L these days, but I couldn’t resist this morning when an individual wrote asking about feeding a product that contained copper to his sheep to which RS (a/k/a the most knowledgeable novice sheep herder, Border Collie trainer,

Green Gold

Due to the drought, there is a severe hay shortage in North Carolina and other southern states. Some people are shipping in HUGE (800+ pound) rectangular bales of hay from Canada, the mid-west, upstate New York, etc. They are very expensive, usually