Evaluating Puppies

There is a discussion going on right now on the Clean Run Mailing List about evaluating puppies as potential agility dogs. Apparently there is evidence that the Volhard and related puppy evaluation tests outcome have no determination of adult traits. I tend


I cannot remember the last time I had a homeopathic work-up done by either a homeopathic veterinarian or a homeopathic practitioner. I decided to use some of the money I received from Midge’s sale to do a work-up on Gel. He is

Four Months Old

The puppies are four months old today. Hard to believe! Time has flown by. I got a good laugh today while reading a review of the book Dogs by Ray and Lorna Coppinger in The Working Border Collie magazine. The reviewer was

New Look

Given that I sold Midge, I decided I needed to do a new logo on my web site and this Blog using Gel as the subject rather than Midge. Gel and I helped Wally catch his goats and trim their hooves and


It was a very difficult decision to sell Midge. Watching her work sheep on Monday made it even more difficult. Working Gel on sheep is like driving Hummer, it’s big, comfortable, powerful, with a large turning radius. Working Midge is like driving


I sold Midge today to a man who has a flock of approximately 100 head of hair sheep. He lost his sheep dog a few months ago (to natural causes) and needed to replace him. He has two other Border Collies, but

Title Number Two

The USDAA agility show this weekend was a mixed bag. I had hoped to finish Gel’s Started Standard title, but alas, he forgot how to weave again. I understand Gel’s weave lapses are not uncommon in a young dog. I hope so.

Holes in Training

Trials are an excellent way to discover whatever holes you have in training. I’ve been working hard on Gel’s weaving and in the trial this past weekend, his weave pole entrances and performance were almost perfect. This morning I worked him on