Homeopathy Update

Gel is doing better. He’s been around other dogs, including bitches, and he’s essentially ignored them. It took me a while to remember, but last weekend while at my lesson, there was a bitch out on the field while he was there.


I should introduce my sheep. At my house I have twelve lambs ranging in age from six months to over a year. There are five black-headed Dorpers, one almost black lamb who likely has Barbado in her named Raisin, there’s one mixed-up

Finn, formerly Torch

I found out last night that Finn had been placed in a new home last week. I believe that is best for all concerned. Things were not going so well for him in the home I placed him in. That is unfortunate

Real People

I mentioned that when I took the Puppy Blog down I received numerous e-mails asking where the Blog went. Most were from people I didn’t know, and some, I know were from people I knew, but with fake e-mail addresses. I found


It’s Sunday and I’m writing this with a horrible head cold. I haven’t had a cold in quite a while. I was driving to Sanford on Saturday and could feel it coming on. Luckily, it didn’t bother me during my lesson. On

Going Private

I took this Blog down on Friday and since then have received numerous e-mails from people I know and many more I don’t know asking why I took it down. Why? Because I thought I was becoming too much of an activist

Pressure Cooker

Since our melt down yesterday, Gel has been acting a bit odd. Part of me thinks I should back off stock work for a few days (or weeks) and let things settle down, but when I think about that, I realize backing