Agility vs. Herding

Is it possible to do both with a dog? Not if you want to be very successful. Do I want to be very successful? Not really. It’s more important to me that I go and the dog and I both have fun.

Melt Down

Poor Gel had a melt down this morning … and I learned a lot from it! This was not the first time and probably won’t be the last that I’ve put him in a position where he gets overwhelmed. Gel does not


Fern, she’s a riot. Very little time goes by when I’m with her that she doesn’t either bring a smile to my face or have me rolling on the floor laughing. She’s such a silly creature. Thinking about her running her butt

Life is good!

I bought this hat at about this time last year and planned to wear it at the next USBCHA trial that I attended. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend another USBCHA trial in weather cold enough to wear the hat. I figured if I


Prior to going to work, I put Gel on the whole flock of ducks for a few minutes. My flock consists of about 20 ducks so it’s a good sized group to work. The larger the group, the more they tend to

Quick update, more later

It’s early Tuesday and it’s been a whirlwind three days. Yesterday was the most exciting. We went to South Carolina for a herding lesson. I went there because I wanted a lesson on cattle in preparation for the upcoming ASCA trial. Gel

Chronic Disease

“Chronic disease” is a term to define deep-seated disease. Arthritis is a good example of chronic disease. “Acute disease” is the opposite, it is disease that comes on quick and (usually) leaves quickly. The common cold is a good example of acute

Too muscular?

I really had my hands on Fern last night. Not that I don’t handle her on a regular basis, but last night, I was really “feeling her up.” Darned, she’s built like a prize fighter: very, very compact and muscular. She feels