We had an episode this morning which caused me to stop and think about my relationship with my dogs and how important it is for whatever we do together. Just like yesterday morning, four of the lambs separated off from the main

Kibble-fed Puppies

It is amazing to me the difference between a puppy consuming kibble and one eating a raw diet. Monty was with me for two weeks while his family was vacationing in Sante Fe. What a difference between his body structure and Pyro’s

Spring is in the air

I couldn’t help but notice the signs of spring in the air this morning when I was walking the dogs. I could hear the frogs near the river and there were more birds singing that what I’ve heard recently. Some Canada Geese


Gel is so polite, he shows his teeth to stock before he uses them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make the stock move, he needs to learn to back up his threats by connecting with those teeth if need be. I forgot I had

Full Moon

I love walking in the fields when there is a full moon. I don’t have to use my head lamp to see. There was frost on the grass so the entire landscape was various forms of white and grey. It was very,

Monday Update

Well, we blew the Ranch Trial. I think we were both tired and certainly not on our game. The draws were very, very strong and quite frankly, I’m not sure how we could have kept the sheep from escaping when they did.

Sunday Update

As I write this, the county that I am in is under a tornado watch and we are getting severe thunder showers. I’m glad the trial finished early so we didn’t have to trial in this weather and that I am don’t