Saturday Update

Gel is doing well, but the morning was a bit rough. The sheep run went well. Gel flanked a bit wider than he needed to a few times and lost contact with the sheep, which isn’t ideal in an arena trial. Gel

We’re in Georgia!

Ah! It was a long ride down here. I left about 12:30, later than I wanted to. I stopped at Whole Foods on the way down (about 90 miles into the trip). Then stopped at Red Creek Farm and rented sheep. Gel

Border Collie Clones

Want a laugh? Look at the video for the breed judging for Border Collies at Westminster. Except for the one red dog, they all look like cloned versions of the first dog in line. Of the Border Collies entered at Westminster, only

Stock Sense

I was watching some videos yesterday of different dogs (not mine) working and realized I was saying to myself, no, the stock is going to go this way, get your dog here or there. I am developing some stock sense! I hadn’t


No Fern, that is NOT a kitty! It is skunk breeding season so they are out in full force now. I’m going to be busy over the next couple of days both at work and getting ready for the trial so I

A wonderful weekend

It was a great weekend. The weather was beautiful, well, except for the wind. I didn’t do a whole lot. On Saturday I planned to help Wally catch up the adult ewes, trim hooves and worm those that needed it, but we


This morning, I dragged my weave poles out to where the rest of my agility equipment is and did some weave pole work with Gel. Fern got very excited and wanted to be part of the fun, but I had the foresight


I re-entered Gel in the agility trial in Charlotte the beginning of March. It is an AKC trial. AKC FAST courses are hard to come by and this trial is offering FAST both days. They run the FAST courses first, then Jumpers