Rescuing Frogs

Rescuing frogs in February doesn’t seem right. The cats catch them and bring them in. During the warmer months I find a dead or live frog in the house several times a week. Yesterday the temperatures were in the mid 70’s, they’ll

Playing nice

Okay, I have two choices here. I can continue to be outspoken when I see things like this post and I can reply to them, knowing darned well I’m not going to change their minds and will end up getting beat up

Allergies and Kibble

Last week a co-worker asked me for suggestions for possible solutions to the skin allergies her Cocker Spaniel was suffering from. I suggested that she switch from kibble to a canned food with no grain ingredients and to add supplemental salmon oil

Whoo Hoo!

Gel was taking whistled drive flanks last night! I was so thrilled! Then we practiced some shedding. Lambs separate really easy and we got two good sheds! It was fun! Gel gets pumped when we practice shedding. What other times is he

Housecleaning and Goals

I elected to stay home this afternoon instead of going to agility practice. I didn’t do any cleaning last weekend and my house is a mess. I’ve worked Gel twice today on the sheep practicing whistles. The first training session started out


Okay, those sheep are now on lockdown in the morning. It was pouring when I went out to put them up and head to work. I expected they’d be in the woods, but nope, they had gone on a walk about again.


We are getting some really beneficial rain and it is coolish and I really don’t want to take the dogs out for a walk this morning. As I write this, I can hear the rain on the roof and it sounds wonderful