Mexican Jumping Bean Sheep

I believe I have been the lucky recipient of a rare breed of sheep: Mexican Jumping Bean Sheep. About six months ago, Wally purchased five young black-headed Dorper ewe lambs from the auction. He got them when they were likely just weaned.

Back to the drawing board

I probably should have stayed home, laid on the couch in front of the kerosene heater and watched movies, but no, I took advantage of a trial within reasonable driving distance to get mileage on the dogs, me and of course, the

Quick Update

The weather forecast for yesterday said 30% chance of rain; it rained all day, sometimes downpours with thunder and lightning. All in all, pretty miserable weather for trialing, but I can’t get upset with rain, never again. Our results were a mixed

Sad story

On Friday, I talked to a guy I knew from trialing. I’ve tried to contact him over the past six months or so, but got no response. I hadn’t seen him listed in any running orders in some time now so I


Unfortunately, I worked a bit late last night and didn’t have as much time as I wanted to work my dogs. I have been working on a very complicated transaction at work since before Thanksgiving. I probably have about 300 hours into

Red Creek Trial

I can’t believe I’m actually excited about going to a USBCHA trial. I am usually either terrified or dreading it, or both. For the first time I feel comfortable with our abilities to run in a USBCHA trial. I’m anxiously waiting for

The best laid plans …

When I wrote yesterday that I’d try to take some videos of Gel’s work in the side pasture, I forgot that I had to re-set my ElectroNet (see a photo of ElectroNet below). Normally, I wouldn’t need to move it so soon,

Why the WTCH

You may wonder why I’m so intent on finishing Gel’s WTCH (ASCA Working Trial Champion) title when he isn’t an Australian Shepherd. About five years ago now, I researched what breed of dog I wanted to work with. While I considered Border

Cattle Trials

This morning, I put my entries for the USBCHA cattle trial in April in our out-going mail bin at work; then after thinking about it for a few hours, went to retrieve the envelope and tore it up. I said earlier that


Since I’m not going to agility tonight, which is probably a good thing given that I need to move my ElectroNet, I thought I might set my video camera up on a tripod and do a video of Gel’s work out in