Just a couple of dogs

It is so much easier just having a couple of dogs. It enables me to do more with each dog, to enter more trials and clinics, and, most importantly, to keep sane. I scheduled another cattle lesson the weekend of April 12

Over hill, over dale!

Last night, after doing the “four dog shuffle” (see above) I brought the sheep into the side pasture. I’ve been working quite a bit in this pasture because there’s quite a few natural obstacles available and there are many dips and valleys

A restful weekend.

It was awfully nice to have a pretty free and easy weekend for a change. I was even able to take a couple of short naps on Sunday. I still got quite a bit done too. I am taking care of my


Lately, I’ve been focusing almost solely on Gel’s training and except for manners and occasionally letting her go around sheep (which I’m not doing much of now), I haven’t been doing much with Fern. It’s time to rectify that situation. Smart dogs,

Productive Saturday

Saturday was a very productive day. Took the dogs (Monty is here too) for a run as soon as it got light, then put the puppies up in the fenced in area and worked Gel in the big field. He’s getting so

Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung! We got a good amount of rain yesterday afternoon into the evening. It is so nice to see puddles and green grass growing. Last year’s drought was hard on everyone. I hope it doesn’t happen again any time soon.

Sunday Trial

The weather was much nicer on Sunday. If only the cattle were as well. They had plenty of hay to consume overnight so they didn’t look quite as thin on Sunday as they did on Saturday. Unfortunately, one of the cows died

Germs and worms and the Boogeyman

Last year a neighbor’s Chihuahua tested positive for heartworm (“HW”) and was treated conventionally. He survived the treatment. A few weeks ago, the same neighbor’s hound dog tested positive and was treated conventionally, but didn’t survive. The neighbor was very upset about