Wild Ride!

As I write this it is almost 9:00 AM on Monday, I’m still in Georgia. I left for Georgia at 1:30 AM Saturday AM. I considered leaving Friday night, but given the weather forecast of severe thundershowers, I decided to leave Saturday

Form Follows Function

This is the term conformation people use to describe the differences between breeds of dogs depending upon what they were bred to do. It is also is a principle associated with modern architecture and industrial design in the 20th Century, which states

I need a truck.

On my way to work this morning I stopped at a feed store to get some hay. The grass is growing and soon I won’t have to feed hay, but given that I’m going to be away this weekend and my sheep

Fern, chickens and frogs

It is almost as if Fern was given to me as a gift. She is so easy to live with. At almost seven months old, I can trust her loose in the house essentially unsupervised. She’s not destructive and is completely house

Cattle Lesson

My lesson on cattle on Sunday went very well. I feel much more comfortable around cattle and I expect Gel does as well. In the beginning of the lesson Joe (the instructor) worked Gel in a smallish fenced in area. He kept


My ducks are finally laying eggs. They are not quite up to full production, but they are getting there. I expect with the time changing this weekend and the warmer weather, I’ll start to have more eggs than I can use …

Ups and downs of training

Things don’t always go as they should when you are dealing with another living being (vs. a machine). Sometimes the dog doesn’t do what you ask him to. In general, Gel is very compliant and works to the best of his ability.


There’s been a lot of discussion on the Sheepdog list lately about the behavior of dogs and their caregivers at sheepdog trials. Often at sheepdog trials you’ll see Border Collies running loose either with their kennel mates or with their handlers. This

Fern the Fiend

I’ve looked at that video of Fern a few times since I posted it this morning. She’s a little speed demon when working. I haven’t made any attempt to slow her down or put a stop on her, nor will I for