Count down

I head to another ASCA trial this weekend.  As has been the case in the past, I’m very excited about going.  I enjoy ASCA trials.  We are ready  for the cattle this time around.  Unless something goes horribly wrong, we should finish

The “want” to work

I wrote a while back about my exchange with a woman about the “want” to work in Border Collies.  I thought that what she was looking for in a dog was more machine-like than a living, breathing, feeling animal.  I wrote her this

Seeing the light

You know those moments when you see progress? When you see that there is light at the end of the tunnel? That the dog that so many people have put down over the years may turn into a really good dog, one

My Wonderful Life

I took these photographs today.  I’m using a new ultra-compact point and shoot camera that so far, I like very much.  Most ultra-compact point and shoot cameras do not have view finders, which I cannot deal with.  I can’t use an LCD screen

Update on the finger

I wrote on Thursday about my swollen finger and using homeopathy to cure it.  On Wednesday night I took at 30c (relatively low potency) of Silicea and I should have left it at that, but stupidly (yes, stupidly) I took a 1M

Training Update

Because I was sore from falling down the stairs on Saturday and then with the swollen finger, I haven’t done a whole lot of training this week.  I’ve used Gel to move sheep and calves around but that’s been about it.  Of