The Direction of Cure

Over the weekend I got a splinter or other foreign body in the middle finger of my right hand.  It probably happened when I slammed into the barn trying to avoid the charging bull.  I tried to dig the splinter out, but was unsuccessful. 

Cattle Taming Part 2

On April 7, I wrote about cattle taming and my worries that we had bitten off more than we could chew in our attempts at dog-breaking calves. I’m pleased to say that we have been 100% successful.  The calves are in the

Rabies in North Carolina

I just noticed that a woman that I know posted to the Border Collie Boards about the “very prevalent” rabies cases in her county.  Here are the statistics for rabies cases in 2006 (2007 wasn’t available).  I live in Catawba County, as

Will Work for Rib Eye

Gel got another job last night.  Catching up and then loading about 20 goats.  He did a fine job and was in his glory.  Only two escaped once we got them caught up:  the billy goat and a tiny kid.  After we

The Vaccination Monster

A mighty and horrible monster, with the horns of a bull, the hind of a horse, the jaws of a krakin, the teeth and claws of a tyger, the tail of a cow, all the evils of Pandora’s box in his belly,

Natural Tick Repellent Update

I wrote a while back about natural tick repellents.  I’m afraid to say it hasn’t been terribly effective.  I’ve switched to a mixture of essential oils with apple cider vinegar that had been soaking with calendula (marigold) blossoms for a bit over a

Rabies Vaccinosis

I don’t know why I bother fighting wars that I cannot possibly win. This post appeared on the Border Collie Boards.  The author,  Kris L. Christine is the Founder, Co-Trustee of The Rabies Challenge Fund.  I commend all of Kris’ efforts to reduce