Life is Good Part 2

I left Gel, Fern and Josey in the fenced-in area today.  Figured it would do them good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine and able to run around and play for the day. In honor of Professional Associates week,

Gel has a new job

The man I am borrowing the cattle from (Marcus) called me Saturday afternoon and asked if I’d be willing to help a friend of his (Danny) move some Belted Galloway heifers from one pasture to another.  I asked if they’d fight and

The best laid plans

I had my car all packed before I went to bed last night, except for the cooler. This morning, I fell down the stairs carrying a cooler. Woke up with Fern on my chest, Gel lying next to me and Josey tangled


Of late, I’ve noticed more posts on Sheepdog-L (and other lists) related to Border Collies and seizures.  This one was particularly sad.  Note: Sheepdog-L can be read by the general public.  Suggestions from other members of the list as to the dog’s

Exhausted Part 2

I finally feel like I’ve caught up on my sleep today.  Yesterday I felt like a walking zombie.  I came home a bit early and lied down for a few hours and slept.  Then took the dogs for a run on the