The beauty of things

Last night I was watching the series So You Think You Can Dance  and was very much enjoying the abilities of some of the contestants.  I love watching dance, I love watching good movement of any kind.  I wish I could move

On suffering

Most people think suffering is a bad thing, I do too, but sometimes there is good in suffering, especially if it is done with your eyes wide open and you learn from it. I’ve been reading a lot lately, more so than

Catching up

It was a very busy and productive weekend.  On Saturday I helped Wally worm, trim hooves and retag all the ewes with lambs.  It got a bit rough.  Some of the ewes wanted to fight.  The St. Croix behaved, but one of


I left work a bit early yesterday.  I closed a $23,000,000 deal which I knew nothing about prior to last Friday so I was beat.  As I write this, we are closing a $150,000,000 loan, just waiting for a few more signatures

If you could only see

I may have mentioned that I have rediscovered my love of music.  I bought an iPod a few weeks ago and now don’t know how I ever lived without one.  I have also discovered that my tuner/receiver at home isn’t working properly. 

Cleaning out bad energy

They killed me at work yesterday.  It’s hard to go from sitting around and twirling my fingers (not really, but you get the idea) to outright slammed and getting pulled in three or four different directions.  I suppose I should get used


I’m outright slammed at work, which is a good thing, but it leaves me little extra time during the day to write. So, this is a quick update to share photos that I took on Saturday of the ewes and lambs and some