A very good day

I got up early and did some cleaning and organizing.  Then I drove to Asheville with Wally to bring Josey home.  Wally brought over Pyro and we leaved Fern, Gel and Pyro in the fenced-in area when we left for Asheville.  After

For the love of a good dog

As I write this, I am quite tired and wondering if it would be dangerous to inject caffeine directly into my veins and by-pass the whole digestive process.  I’m tired for a good reason though. No matter how late I stay up

The Bluegrass Stock Dog Trial

Wow, the sheep must be tough.  Look at the scores for the first day.  In most of the runs, there are as many, if not more, retires (“RT”) or disqualifications (“DQ”) as there are scores.  Glad I’m not there! Last night when


Last night was bad.  One of my cats, Charya, was missing.  Both Charya and her daughter, Oleander, have been doing poorly.  In fact, I called my vet late last week telling her that I may have to bring in two of my cats to

Switching remedies again

I spoke to my homeopath this morning and expressed how awful I was feeling.  It is not surprising given that I took two 1M doses of Staphysagria back to back over the weekend and I’m probably suffering an aggravation from the remedy. 

There comes a time

There comes a time when you finally figure it out.  When you realize beating your head up against a wall and trying to make something work is just nuts.  Then you decide to move on, to do things that are enjoyable to you. 

This Blog gets me in trouble.

I’ve been entered in a sheepdog trial on Memorial Day weekend for almost two months now.  I entered Gel in Pro-Novice on a compete basis and in Open Ranch on a non-compete basis.  I got my entries in well before the closing


I found this passage in The Path of Insight Meditation by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield and it very much resonated with how I’m feeling right now.  Yes, another thing that I used to do that is coming back alive in me


I wrote quite a bit about my “relationship” (I put relationship in quotes because I don’t even know that I am in a relationship) with Marcus, but I took most of it down over the weekend.  This was for several reasons, one,