Spacing out dogs

I was talking to a close friend about my dogs during lunch today.  She asked how old Gel was and I told her he’d be four on July 29.  Then she asked how old Fern was:  she’ll be a year old on

I am truly blessed

As is usually the case, I did not take time to post updates on the weekend.  I spend as little time as possible on the computer on the weekends.  I didn’t get my runs taken apart this weekend as I planned, but

Paw pads

I’ve seen a lot of reference lately to torn, bruised or otherwise injured paw pads.  Here  and here  are references to local dogs with “blown” paw pads.  I discussed it with two holistic-minded friends of mine and asked if they thought it

If they only knew …

If the people I work with only knew what I did before I came to work each morning. I thought that as I was driving through grass over my ATV this morning getting the cattle up.  They are getting trickier in their

A puppy reunion

Fern, Monty and Pyro got to spend time playing together over the weekend.  They all seemed to remember each other and had a ball together.  It was interesting to see the three of them together.  Monty and Pyro have Gel’s size, but

Hide and Seek

I took some photos this morning of the cattle and sheep playing hide and seek.  Interestingly, I saw the cattle (Gel did not) and I sent him to the right.  He took the flank without question.  Of course, I couldn’t see where

Homing devices needed

I got home a bit later than normal last night because I had to stop at the grocery store.  They were baling the hay out in the back pasture so I went out there with the dogs to ask that he leave

Doing the happy dance

When I got home last night the goal was to reset my ElectroNet.  Gel and I put the sheep and cattle out into the side pasture and I got to work.  Agh, what an awful job it is setting that fence when

Busy, busy, busy

I had an extremely busy, but productive weekend. On Saturday morning I went on a shopping spree.  I bought more drought-tolerant plants for the garden behind my house, mostly all fragrent, flowering herbs: lavender, Russian sage, rosemary, thyme and St. John’s Wort

What I know

I know that animals (and humans) age far more gracefully if they consume a healthy, species-appropriate diet, stay away from annual vaccinations and other medications as much as possible, get daily exercise, have plenty of mental stimulation and live in a healthy