Over commanding

Early this morning I put the sheep and cattle out into the side pasture while I got ready for work.  When it came time to leave, I brought Gel down with me to bring them in.  The grass (and weeds) are very high

Working fool!

I worked Fern on the sheep this morning.  She did quite well and the sheep were decent.  There may be hope for this motley group of sheep.  After I worked her, we moved the sheep and cattle out into the side pasture to

Cooler temperatures

It felt a bit better this morning; not quite so hot and oppressive.  The cattle felt it too.  They were running around have a good time.  The dogs enjoyed watching them.  The cattle would stop, look at the dogs as if inviting

Affecting others

I updated the quotes in this Journal, Natural Rearing Notes  and the main page of Spellcast Border Collies  today. I decided to use quotes from the same author, Marcel Proust. I found this quote, which I didn’t use in the lay-out, but


In addition to photos of the dogs, cats, cattle and sheep, I took two photos of my garden.  Obviously it’s still a long way off from producing, but I’m awfully proud of it. Cattle panels are wonderful inventions!  They keep the large

Calves and Goats and Sheep

If you had told me a year ago that I’d have such an assortment of livestock I wouldn’t have believed you.  I am so enjoying having the calves.  I worked both Fern and Gel on them this morning and both did quite

Feeling Good

You know I’m feeling good when I go out and take pictures.  In addition to my chores, I worked both dogs this morning.  Life is good.

Rabies Vaccinosis

I wish my friend Helene would write more often in her Blog (or is it an un-Blog?) called Shaping Chaos.  I just read her post  on Rescue Dogs and Vaccinations and it is absolutely brilliant.  The link  that she posted on the symptoms of

The half life of a trial dog

I took a look at the Border Collie Boards today and saw a post on retiring dogs.  I couldn’t imagine that Gel could not run a USBCHA open class at nine or ten years old.  It isn’t like they are running all day long in