Is the Earth in trouble?

It’s been brutally hot here in NC.  Way too hot for this time of year.  What was pretty and green is already turning brown.  Are we in for another summer like the last?  I hope not.  If we can get through today,

Road hard and put up wet

I road ten+ miles last night and averaged 14.30 mph, all in 90+ degree heat.  Not too shabby for an old lady.  Once I get to 30 miles and can average 17-20 mph I’ll be happy with that.  There’s a group ride


Veterinarians should be shot for administering vaccinations at the same time as surgery; animal caregivers should be shot for letting this happen to the beings in their care.  I recognize that most veterinarians will not do surgery on an animal unless it


I realized last night that I’ve lost contact with my cats.  I love my dogs, but I am so much more in tune to cats.  I got upset about something (or should I say someone) last night and broke into tears and Gel

Not again!

The upcoming forecast is for extreme heat, a heat wave in fact and summer still hasn’t officially started yet.  As I write this, it is 12:30 and the temperature at home is 88 degrees.  I don’t think I can survive another summer

Farmers and raising your own meat

I was talking to Marcus last night about my interest in raising animals more for consumption (by me and my animals) than as training tools.  He then brought up the topic of the wether that I needed to butcher.  Marcus can be elusive,

On keeping littermates

Most contemporary training manuals (not sheepdog related) caution against keeping litter mates.  The reason for this is that you cannot give each puppy the amount of attention that is necessary to bring the puppy up as a performance dog. I’m not going

The Tent

I spent much of the weekend cleaning, weeding, clearing, hauling, tilling, gardening, playing with my dogs and cats, reading and in general, simply lying low and rejuvenating both myself and my surroundings. More detail later, or not, depending on my time and

Revisiting endurance

Red Oliver is a member of Sheepdog-L. He has been into stock dogs for many, many years and always posts some very thought-provoking e-mails to the Sheepdog-L list. The topic of “endurance” is still on-going. An individual asked Red if you had