Glimpses of progress

We brought the 14 lambs and 9 goats down to the back pasture this morning.  I mowed the paths last night and had the fence all set.  All I needed to haul down there this morning was water.  I am truly amazed

Different Dogs

Stacey  asked via comment: “It’s interesting to think about the differences between Fern and Gel. I know many differences in stock dogs are attributed to their breeding, but how much of a difference do you think raising and training had in your dogs’


We switched out the adult sheep for the lambs on Sunday.  It was more work than I expected it to be, but we got it done.  Gosh sheep are dirty!  The lanolin in their coats attracts dirt and when you pick them


On Saturday morning, we went to Salisbury for an agility lesson.  I haven’t taken agility lessons in quite a while now and it was fun to be back.  Gel’s class was at 9:00 AM and it was a Sheltie Convention.  Gel was

All critters accounted for

I was very glad to go down to where the sheep and goats are pastured and find the missing goat kid was actually in the ElectroNet with the rest of the critters.  I knew the fence wasn’t working properly yesterday morning, but