New beginnings

Marcus finally switched out the cattle for goats last night.  He’s a very busy man and it sometimes takes him days, weeks (months?) to get around to what he says he’s going to do.  It was fine because I was enjoying and

Lame dogs

I’m amazed at how often I read of people with lame dogs.  They are either on crate rest or being examined by regular veterinarians and specialists alike.  I can count on one hand the number of times that Gel has been lame,

Fern’s a big girl now

When I first get home from work, the first thing that I do is let my dogs out. Then, if they are not already there, I move the sheep and cattle down into the back pasture. Last night when I got home,

Who’s your daddy?

You know how sometimes you know you are making the wrong decision, yet you continue on with it because it is easier to do it that way than it is to go with your gut instincts? Lesson learned, go with your gut

Mushrooms and puddles!

I wasn’t doing so well last evening.  I was tired, itching (I have poison oak on various places on my body as well as a whole bunch of bug bites), food tasted awful and was craving my addictions (which I did not

A couple of videos

Do you know how hard it is to take videos while you are trying to work a dog? Here are a couple of not-so-good videos of Fern. I need to get someone else to take them next time. Remember, she has no

I love my dogs!

I don’t know that I always realize how much I truly love my dogs.  This morning I put them both out early, around 4:30, while I did a bit of cleaning.  I checked on them several times.  Gel was lying on the

Almost four solid days off!

I’m back after having almost four solid days off!  I had to run into work for a while on Thursday to put out a fire, but other than that, I’ve been off since the middle of the day on Wednesday.  It was