Ticks and things …

Can I tell you how much I hate ticks?  My dogs (and cats) do not get fleas, or if they do, it’s only on rare occasions.  I know fleas are out there, Kitty and Rose came with quite a collection.  I washed

Kitty and Rose Rock!

We had bad storms last night.  I was told we received about five inches of rain in a few hours.  The storm was so violent, it kept me awake from about 1 to 3 AM.  Then around 5 AM I heard Kitty and Rose

Men, relationships and dating

Whatever relationship I had with Marcus beyond exchanging stock with him is over.  It actually has been for quite a while now.  For the longest time I grieved and fretted over it, but I’ve since come to the conclusion it is for


I think that sometimes the work that you need to do with your dogs tends to present itself as needed.  On the way home from work last night I stopped and got some alfalfa forage and goat minerals.  The plan was to

More thoughts on rescues

When I had decided that I was going to take the plunge and get a livestock guard dog (“LGD”), I filled out an application with Carolina Great Pyrenees rescue. A few days after I submitted the application, I heard from a woman