Darned goats!

When we got there, I sent Gel in to bring out the sheep and goats.  The sheep came, but only three or four goats.  I sent Gel back to do another sweep and he came up empty handed.  I trust Gel enough

Livestock Guardian Dog

The decision has been made and I sent out a deposit check today on a livestock guardian puppy.  She was born on Memorial Day so she’s about eleven weeks old now.  I go and pick her up on Saturday.  I’m waiting on


Many months ago now, can’t remember exactly when I did it, but I bought a refurbished Dell desktop computer.  It’s quite souped-up with plenty of power to run graphics programs.  My reason for buying it?  I was running an older Dell laptop

Homeopathy update

I’m still on a 200c dose on Lyssin that I took a few weeks ago.  It’s holding pretty well.  Remember that Lyssin is a homeopathic nosode made from the saliva of a rabid dog.  One of the primary symptoms of the rabies