Okay, I can’t resist … not dog or holistically related, but, I’m hooked on the Twilight series written by Stephanie Meyers.  They are making the first book (Twilight) into a movie and here’s the countdown to when it first airs: Here is

Workin’ dogs

Sunday afternoon I went over to Wally’s to work dogs.  When I called to let him know I was coming I asked if he was going to work Kessie.  He said yes, we might as well work all of them. We got

The Wanting Mind

The old Wanting Mind is raising its ugly head.  Not sure why, maybe because it’s kind of slow at work so I have time to look at things in the Internet and start thinking about what I might want.  A while back


I went so far as to print out the entry form for the fall trial at Red Creek Farm the beginning of October.  I thought about it and talked to a few friends about it.  Yes, it would be good experience for

Last night sucked!

I got home and played with the idea of resetting my ElectroNet in the back field.  I took out the sheep and goats and let Kitty and Rose come along with us to the back pasture.  I looked at how tall the

Quick update on the lambs

They are better, however, I am not sure they are not going to re-exhibit symptoms of barber pole worms (bottle jaw) and I am not entirely sold on using Basic H as a wormer.  I prefer to treat illnesses nutritionally, if I