As promised! Photos!

A not-so-great photo, but you can see Cian does really exist.  I went out with my digital SLR, but unfortunately, the battery was dead.  These were all taken with my point and shoot camera.  Click on any image for a larger size.

I need to cry more …

Crying is a great release.  I love my friend’s Shaping Chaos Blog.  I’m glad she’s keeping it up.  Correct me if I’m wrong, H., but I believe Shaping Chaos was started as means for the two of us to keep up on

Things got better.

I talked to my friend from Canada for about a half hour.  We are both going to try Skype which will enable us to talk for free.  Unfortunately we’ll both have to be tied to our computers, but for free, we’ll manage. 

Reality Check

I received a UPS delivery yesterday from my former employer.  I opened it and how exciting: a check for $470!  I thought it was a check for my unused paid time off.  Then I looked at it closer and saw some of

Depressing news

I should not watch television.  Between the political ads and the bad news about the economy, it’s incredibly depressing.  I am depressed.  Who wouldn’t be? This country, really the world, is going down the tubes.  I don’t know if it can be