A friend of mine referred a woman (Cindy) to me who has a Bearded Collie who needs exposure to sheep.  I am not doing any instructing, just allowing her to walk her dog around sheep in an attempt to settle him down. 

Milk and bread

Quickly:  milked both goats this AM and got two quarts of milk.  Not a lot, but I’m still not able to judge well enough to completely milk out Rain so she had milk left and Dobie was on her way to being


It’s only 40 degrees as I write this!  I’m not putting my heat on; refuse to until later in the year. Must save money!  Must cut corners!  Must be frugal! I drove to Statesville yesterday to get rabbits.  I was going to

Got milk?

I do: fresh and warm from the udder.  Rain (that’s the goat’s name) was nervous, but she didn’t kick.  I didn’t completely milk her out because I thought I’d milk her again tonight.  Because I do not yet have a good, stainless


Spoke to the trial organizer for the Huntersville trial and he discouraged me from pulling Gel so he’s still entered.  He said that I need to enter and compete in as many trials as I could afford and that was the only

Cian Update

I discovered what made Cian lame for a few days last week: he had a rather large gash on the side of his paw pad.  The location of the gash was such that whenever he put weight on the foot, it made