A sense of well-being

I love it when I feel a strong sense of well-being.  It’s such a warm, cushy feeling.  There are many times when driving to work or at other times where my mind can wander that I feel anxious: a feeling of impending

Sleeping in …

Won’t be able to do that after this week.  Wally and I went up to look at a herd of LaMancha goats on Sunday and I put a deposit on one.  She’s got an older kid on her now and is still

Bucks …

Not so sure I’m terribly keen on keeping a buck.  He smells!  It isn’t a real horrible smell, just musky and I tend to like musky scents.  He’s also totally obnoxious.  He’s tried to butt me a few times.  I tried to

The $10 Challenge

This is sort of an extension on my Price of Convenience post from yesterday.  I was watching television last night and a commercial came on wherein a mother and (I think) two children were shopping in a grocery store with the intent

Kitty and Rose Update

I went in to where Kitty and Rose are fenced with the sheep and goats last night and spent some time with them.  Gosh they are growing!  They look great.  It gives me great peace of mind to know they are out

Cian update

Cian’s foot was better this morning so I didn’t switch his remedy.  The swelling has gone down and he’s putting weight on it more than he was last night. Another glimpse of improvement in him: normally when I go into my bedroom