I interviewed for the Patent Assistant position that is open at my firm this afternoon.  The interview went well and if I’m offered the position, I will take it.  I’m at the point in my “career” that as long as they pay

Now what?

I’m suffering a bit of a let down today.  I know I should be doing something, but I’ve been pretty lazy this morning, at least as far as the dogs are concerned.  I have been doing some house cleaning.  I’m reading the

Kennel Dog

I stand corrected.  Apparently Cian’s (formerly Joe) breeder wrote Wally’s wife to let her know that when Cian was with her, he lived in the house.  That’s great, glad that was the case.  I went back through my entries to try to

Working dogs …

Worked all four dogs last night, right up until it got dark.  All four did well.  Kessie concerned me a bit.  A few times she ran right up the middle of the field.  Something she’d never done until she started to do

Rained out!

As I got closer to home last night I saw the clouds were looking ominous.  Sure enough, two miles from home it started raining.  Shoot!  The goats, sheep and LGDs were out without good rain shelter, they have plenty of shade, but