The demo went reasonably well.  The people were quite impressed with my dogs.  They wanted to know how long it took to train them and if I could train their kids.  There were a few kids there I would have just as

Early morning!

Here it is 3:40 AM.  I’m showered and have make-up on.  Still need to dry my hair.  Agh!  I did exactly what I thought I’d do: woke up every few hours.  So, I’m going to be a zombie by the time I

Gobble! Gobble!

Happy Turkey Day.  I hope you are enjoying it.  I surely am!  I have my stuffing made and it’s cooling on the back porch.  The turkey is in the sink warming up so I don’t have to stick my hands in a

Yea for Fern!

Before I headed out to do errands, I discovered my landlord had left the gate open and the sheep had gone down in the back 40 acres.  I could see them, but I knew Gel could not.  I went down to the


A few days ago, an individual posted to the Sheepdog list telling of his success in using a muzzle to train a grippy dog.  Lots of people jumped on the band wagon and I’m sure many of them ran out to buy

More updates

A quick update on Esme … she’s a holy terror!!  I can’t believe she’s six weeks old already.  How time flies. It’s a good day to stay in, keep warm and read.  I thought I’d pull out Building Blocks for Performance by

Catching up

I worked eight hours both Saturday and Sunday and was dead on my feet both days when I got home.  So a quick update here.  Gel, Fern and I were hired to do herding demos at a local winterfest this weekend.  I’m

Twilight Rocks!

What an enjoyable couple of hours getting lost in that amazing story.  I can’t wait for the sequels.  I would have liked to have stayed and watched it a second time.  But alas, I had to get home to get cheese going,