Training Notes

I didn’t write about how our training went yesterday.  I worked Fern first.  I walked out to where the sheep are (rather than using the ATV) and as soon as I got out there, realized I forgot to bring any sort of

Poor Gel

Those goats knock the crap out of him sometimes.  He stands his ground and doesn’t back down when they charge him and most of the time, they turn off before hitting him, but there are times he gets nailed.  It is only


It was about 25 degrees when I went out to milk this morning.  Good thing udders are warm, as are the goats.  I had my thermostat turned down to 55 degrees last night and the heat was still coming on!  I have


Just got finished putting up most of the venison scraps.  I am blessed to have this source of almost free meat.  I got a 80 gallon cooler full of bags of scraps and two five gallon buckets full of hearts and livers

Success … so far!

Got up, fed the cats, did some things around the house, ate some breakfast, folded a load of laundry and went out to milk the goats. Got that done, shuffled livestock, brought trash out to the curb, came back in, got a

Goals and schedules …

Let’s see if I can manage to keep by this schedule: Get up, feed cats, check e-mail, putter a bit until it gets reasonably light. Milk goats; put up the milk; clean up equipment. Take dogs down to the back field and

Catching up

WOW!  I haven’t written since October 30!  I’m trying to remember what I’ve been doing … Friday is a lost day I think. On Saturday I drove to get rabbits, then stopped at a feed store that I used to frequent, but