I milked at about 4:45 this morning.  Of course it was dark.  I have the light in my “milking parlor” which helps tremendously.  As I was milking, it was quiet except for the metallic sound of milk hitting the pail, the goat

I think too much …

I think and analyze too much … but maybe that is a good thing except of course when it interferes with my sleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that when she was younger, Fern used to


I am blessed to have Cian here because he is teaching me new things.  While Fern is different than Gel, she shares a lot of his characteristics.  She’s a very nice blend of both Midge and Gel so training her is relatively

A cheese pictorial

As promised, here are photos of the cheese making process: First you heat the milk to 80 degrees.  Then you add diluted rennet (an enzyme containing substance produced in any mammalian stomach to digest the mother’s milk) and buttermilk starter.  I use

Goat decisions …

Rain is driving me mad.  I’ve written before that I think she thinks that I’m her baby.  Whenever I come near my door to go out, she starts screaming.  When I put her up and go inside, she screams for about fifteen

The busiest day yet!

WOW!  It was wall to wall people at Walmart yesterday.  For the most part, they were buying discounted holiday items.  The holiday spirit has officially worn off and the people were quite cranky.  It went well though, well, except for the back-stabbing

Back home!

Thank you James of Dark French Host for your patience and skill. The new and old posts have been restored and everything is working properly now.

Seeing the light …

I know the days are not noticeably longer since December 21, but last night, it felt lighter.  Maybe it was because I let go of feeling depressed for being alone. Thanks to those of you who called and wrote yesterday: you helped