Home alone …

Being alone for the holidays never used to bother me, but in the past, I stayed away from stores, malls, etc. so I didn’t get caught up in the Christmas spirit (madness?) like I have this year.  Yesterday was rough.  I think

Feeding Issues

I’ve written numerous times about feeding issues both with the goats and the dogs.  I think they have been resolved. Goats:  I have a 10 foot long piece of PVC on the ground as well as three small litter boxes spread out

Bird Dogs!

I’m glad Fern and Gel are such good bird dogs.  Fern in particular loves working birds.  The three new chickens that I got on Saturday haven’t figured out where to go up for the night yet.  In fact, as I was heading

A temporary place for now

We are here on WordPress’ regular site for a few days (hopefully) until my hosting company (I love my hosting company) is able to restore my newer posts to my existing journal.  Once that is done, I’ll export these posts back.  Fun,

Foggy morning

It’s foggy in more ways than one.  Agh!  I can’t work until 11, come home and milk goats and feed the cats, relax for a bit, go to bed around 1 and then get up at my usual time (5 to 6). 

Crazy cats!!!

In keeping with sharing this journal with all my critters … The cats’ newest outdoor jungle gym is the canvas tops of my runs.  All the while I am milking they are running across the roof of the run my milk stand


I woke up at midnight last night and couldn’t get back to sleep.  The alarm went off at 4 AM and I dragged myself out of bed, milked goats, fed animals and got ready for work.  It was pretty dead early on,

Calm, cool and satisfied …

That’s a nice feeling.  I feel good about the work I put into my dogs on Saturday.  I got up this morning and got ready to go to work, got all three goats milked, milk processed, equipment cleaned, showered, dressed and headed

Quick Update

I don’t have a lot of time this morning.  I have to get ready for work, milk the goats, care for the other animals, get the dogs settled and me off for work at 8:00.  Next week is going to be rough.