Working (dogs and me)

Today was a short shift, which was nice.  They put me on the busiest register which was nice.  This one little old lady came in my line with a carriage over-flowing with flour, sugar and other baking items.  As I checked her

A milkin’ we will go!

Went to look at some LaMancha does yesterday afternoon.  I thought there were only two to choose from, but as it turns out, there were three.  Put the first one, a three-year-old solid white girl on the stand.  She kicked like a

Things are way better now!

I’m following Susan Garrett’s Ruff Love puppy protocol for Esme and I can see it’s already making a difference. Essentially, Esme is not allowed to be loose in the house (or any where for that matter) unless I am right there to

Bad day

Yesterday sucked.  It was rainy and cold.  The dogs drove me nuts.  I considered selling Esme.  I also considered feeding her to the coyotes.  I don’t feel like bringing up a puppy.  I keep thinking with Esme, I’ve doubled up on what