Rose meets the lambs

I went out yesterday afternoon with the intention of taking the dogs for one last run when I heard lambs calling from a different section of the field than where they should be.  I walked down with Gel (almost falling on my

A missing day?

I had high hopes for getting lots of things done today, but alas, was stuck in cookbooks, on-line reading recipes and making bread.  I almost threw away my sourdough starter yesterday.  It has been sitting on my counter top for quite a

The best laid plans …

Onyx decided that he was going to go missing yesterday morning.  He must have realized that I don’t check out his testicles (making sure both had dropped) without good reason.  When 12:00 rolled around and he still hadn’t reappeared, I called the

Lambing Dog

Gel is becoming a very useful lambing dog.  I’ve always used him when I had to work with ewes and lambs because he was the only dog I had who could do the job, but this year, I can see that he’s


We got a dusting of snow last night.  It’s pretty.  I haven’t seen snow in several years now.  I don’t think Fern has ever seen it. Here it is almost 9:00 and I haven’t gone out to milk yet.  I think I’m