A compromise

I’m not going to send Cian back.  I don’t feel right about doing it.  When he was gone, I really missed him and I feel that I owe him a chance to be what I think he can be.  What I’m going

Cian Part II

I did a lot of soul searching about Cian yesterday both during the day and overnight (didn’t sleep much) and I’m seriously considering just sending him back to Wally.  For several reasons, namely why should I house, feed and train a dog

Cian frustrations

I’m a bit concerned about how Cian has been working.  It is so much easier pushing a dog out than it is pushing one in.  Cian puts new meaning on “out.”  His breeder advertised the cross as producing puppies with big, “scopey”

Training Notes

Just got in from training.  I brought the sheep up to the Christmas Tree Farm and put them in the fenced-in area and gate sorted them into groups of three. Wow!  I have a group of very un-dogbroke sheep.  Kevin said I

Figured it out!

The sourdough starter must be active before you use it.  You cannot take it straight out of the refrigerator and use it.  The mixture must be bubbly.  This is a good page on the art of sourdough.  So far, it is proving

Sourdough woes.

My second batch didn’t rise.  Shoot!  Back to the drawing board. I did make a loaf of bread that has garlic, Parmesan and goat cheese.  I’ve made it before, but used Ricotta instead of goat cheese.  That came out FABULOUS!  I used