We have shelter!

Wally and I spent the morning fixing a shelter for the goats which hopefully won’t get blown down or won’t get climbed on my the goats.  Unless we get a tornado or the goats grow wings, neither is going to happen. Wally

I’m thinking …

If everyone went “behind the scenes” and watched food being prepared in, say, McDonalds or in the factories that supply McDonald’s food, or went even deeper and watched how the animals that provided the meat that McDonald’s serves, were cared for, would


It seems recalls of pet food is not just a derivative of low-end pet foods.  I just learned that Timberwolf, which is an extremely high end dry food had a recall.  The company itself states that it “recently strayed off course from

Training Notes

I did some heavy duty cleaning, did the telephone interview, talked to a friend for a while, then headed out with the three dogs to train.  I worked Cian first and got very similar results as we did during my lesson with

Over hill, over dale …

Went to Statesville to get rabbits, stopped at a small local grocery store to check out the meat selection, then went up to the Christmas Tree Farm (a/k/a Red’s) to get the sheep.  They’ve been up there since Tuesday afternoon. I brought

Back to the real world

Well, after five days off, I had to go back to work yesterday.  It went well, except for one customer trying to come up over the counter to throw “fire balls from Hell” at me.  Three neighboring cashiers were at my side


I elected to work with Cian first.  Kevin Evans (“Kevin”) knows Cian’s father, Whiterose Kep.  Cian had some difficulty taking the sheep off the setter, but eventually he managed to do so.  Then we started working.  Kevin said that if anything, Cian