Kevin Evans

All I can say right now, due to lack of time and utter exhaustion is WOW!  My hour with Kevin Evans was absolutely freaking amazing.  I learned so much. I’ll write in detail tomorrow … Quickly though, Gel had me rolling on

We have sourdough!

As I write this, my bread machine is kneading away a loaf of whole wheat sourdough.  Whoo Hoo!  A few days ago I made a granola/wheat bread using the dough cycle of the machine and then baking it in the oven.  It

A great day!

I spent most of the day today with Wally.  First we went for breakfast, then went back to his house to pick up a spare microwave (mine died earlier this week).  We went out and checked on the sheep.  No new lambs,

Happy New Year!

Forgot to mention that our first lambs were born on Tuesday.  The one with more color is a ewe lamb, the other a ram: I caught a cold. Agh. It was only a matter of time given that almost all of the