We’re driving!

I worked until 8 PM last night and had to go down in the dark to bring the sheep up.  I brought the ATV for the light and wore my head lamp as well.  Both that ATV and the head lamp are

Just surviving …

I’ve decided to just get through this week and then get back into training the dogs next week.  While there was a time I worked 40 hours a week, I haven’t done that now for almost four months.  It’s amazing how out

Cat People

On Thursday night I watched a program on Animal Planet called Cat People.  It followed three top competitors showing in the Cat Fanciers’ Association cat show circuit.  I have seen it before, but had forgotten about it. I almost threw up!!! I


Things are going amazingly well here.  Getting lots done, but it seems like I’m going nonstop every day.  Saturday was such a nonstop day.  Went to breakfast with Wally, ran a few errands, then came back here to meet the woman I