Training Notes

Wally and I brought Sarah down with us to bring up the sheep.  As we walked down there I said to him that I hoped one of us wouldn’t be having to walk back up to get another dog.  The good thing

A beautiful thing …

I only have a few minutes because I need to get my butt in gear and get out and milk and then haul sheep down back because I need to be in work at 8:30 today (groaning!). Last night I went down

Thoughts on working.

As I write this, it is 9:30 AM and I’ve got the goats milked and put up, the ElectroNet reset and the sheep put up.  The dogs have been fed and I had to go back down to the ElectroNet to get

Unpleasant tasks!!!!

I’m in the process of getting my expenses re-entered into Quicken so I can get my taxes done.  What a boring, tedious task.  I try to commit myself to doing at least an hour of it every day, but it doesn’t always

Training notes

Agility went well, even though I was a little bit late.  I felt like Gel and I were running more as a team.  That’s a good thing given that his mind is on other things.  Rose is in heat.  He’s working well


Picked up the sheep that was for the dogs this morning.  Surprisingly, he dressed out at just 10 pounds more than the younger sheep.  I would have thought he would have dressed out at closer to 100 pounds, but I guess the

Crazy Fern!

Last night, I went to bed a bit early and asked Wally if he’d put the dogs up before he went to bed.  The dogs are crated in a room right outside my bedroom.  This is in an effort to keep any